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How we fixed Gallant Dills Reviews

If you are an entrepreneur that has ever considered using a consultant to get your business off the ground, you should look into Gallant Dill’s services.  His experience across many industries and with all different walks of life made him a pleasure to work with and a huge help in getting my web design company turning a profit.  Dill’s skills turned my struggling company into a nationally recognized name working for some of the countries biggest clients.  Without the help of Dill I would still be struggling to put food on the table for my family, but not anymore!Gallant Dill Reviews of Service Image

From helping me with my social media strategy, to teaching me the ins and outs of networking, Dill made a huge impact on my companies success.  I was able to see a ten fold increase in revenue generation after just a couple of months of collaboration with Dill.  When Gallant Dill says that he can help you to create an empire he is not lying.  My company is now a juggernaut in the web design world, and it is all thanks to Dill’s mentorship.  

The results driven program that Dill helped me set up was an ingenious solution to my company’s problems.  The results of this program were immediate, and it was clear to me that my mentoring sessions with Dill had not been a waste of time or money.  If you have a business that you are struggling to get off the ground you shouldn’t wait another day to contact Gallant Dill and change your life for good.

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Turning Negative Online Reviews into Cash Cows

I often get frantic calls and emails from business owners about negative online reviews. Most of them often thank me profusely for the tips I share. I’ve enjoyed seeing them go from frustrated and clueless to empowered and motivated to overcome the issue.

Why don’t you let me share with you what many SMEs in US and Singapore have learned about turning negative online reviews into financial cash cows? I’ll love to share with you what I’ve studied since 2008 on this topic and give you some ideas, strategies and resources to beat the odds.

In my session, I will share the following:

– An overview of how todays’ online review sites work
– Analysing the content of an email to find bright spots
– How to write empathetic and engaging replies
– Give you a free copy of my ultimate Yelp review Guide (cost )
– Share 7 habits of highly successful reviews practices for SMEs
– 5 lessons learned from Managing Reviews, worth
– 4 strategies to regain the confidence of your customers
– Lessons from industry leaders in
– How to lead effective change

This session is limited to 10 people and it is more of a close-door session to discover.

Instructor, Gideon F. Mukwai
It is taught by Gideon F. Mukwai, an award winning speaker and seasoned facilitator. He has studied online review management especially media websites, educational institutions and crisis public safety organisations. He holds an MA in New Media Journalism, from Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno.

He has a track record in professional training and speaking from 19 Countries: 10 countries in Asia, 5 countries in Africa, 2 Countries in the Middle East and 2 countries in N. America.

So far, he has trained over 14,400 professionals and students worldwide including:

  • Citibank
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Dell Corporations
  • US Social Security Administration
  • Shell Eastern Petroleum
  • BNP Paribas
  • Siemens

at Bussorah Training Room
45 Bussorah Street
Singapore, Singapore…

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